Amazing Heritage Trails from around the World.

August 8, 1983: I passed park benches also swarming with humanity, most of whom seemed to be staring at me, wondering what the hell I was doing walking through that park with a backpack on. I did not do much to reassure them. I could see that most of them thought I was a psycho, and that had me constantly breaking out in fits of laughter, which no doubt convinced them.


Schn wars! Immer noch sehr nass berall im Wald.

Heuer sieht man schn, warum es Schunteraue heit.

17,1 km/h

Green, gold and orange sunset, Scoville Reservoir, Wolcott, Connecticut. May 27, 2021, 8:07 PM.

A few more pics from Day 1 morning hike in

Mouth of Basque: confluence of Basque River (left) and Brazos River, which then continues as Brazos. And nice picnic spots nearby.

Deceptively innocent-looking trail entries that entirely deserve names like "Act of Faith".

I'm no geologist, but even I'm impressed by the layers of sediments in the ground. Love that the park has such features exposed for everyone's education.

Day 1 morning : 4.6km hike in the "very berry" hills of Cameron Park. Trail is shared "hike & bike", and I can't even begin to imagine how anyone might ride a bike there, but apparently people do.

Would've liked to hike more but decided to only get an idea of the trail for another visit and save energy for activities later in the day.

"Jacob's Ladder", great river & forest views, lots of hackberries, surprisingly large amt of bamboo.

After the ice storm. Scoville Reservoir, Wolcott, Connecticut. February 6, 2021, 4:31 PM.

A week ago, I joined a bunch of mountain bikers and other trail enthusiasts for a screening of The Engine Inside put on by Mountain Bike Missoula. There was huge energy in the room and a double dose of inspiration.

The announcement that the Forest Service may be reopening the State Line Trail is a great reminder of the power of a group of people dedicated to keeping trails open. Thanks Mountain Bike Missoula for all the work to save our favorite places to ride!

If you havent already, consider joining your local mtn bike/trails association. It really does make a difference. Plus, they often host fun events like this.

May 21, 1983: The trail around Charlies Bunion was not as scary as other backpackers had led me to believe it would be. Nevertheless, it was impressive. The clouds had lifted just enough to give me nice views into the fog-shrouded ridges and ravines heading down the Tennessee side of the range and a good look at the precipitous drop

Boquete Mountain Trails, Panama The Hills Have Eyes

Although a huge draw for tourists, take into account some recent incidents before heading out alone on the Boquete Mountain Trails.

Sunset's last gleaming. As the twilight fades, amazing color lingers more than a half hour after the actual sunset. New Britain Reservoir, Southington, Connecticut. October 13, 2019, 6:49 PM.

Pink and violet July sunset, Scoville Reservoir, Wolcott, Connecticut. July 10, 2021, 8:21 PM.

Late afternoon sunshine meets a light Indian summer mist in the valley. Golden hour view from the Giant's Chest. Sleeping Giant State Park, Hamden, Connecticut. November 10, 2022, 3:50 PM.

October 2, 1983: A side trail brought me to Big Niagara Falls (no, the other one). The falls were not enormous (no, thats the other one), but they were impressive enough, and quite scenic. A roaring stream churned through massive rock formations in a lively series of flumes and cascades between forested banks teeming with maples.

This Giant Sequoia contains California history, Civil War history, and a whole lot of wonder, all within its ultra-thick bark.

From this morning's hike.

Humans built a fort out of tree branches. (they do this a lot)

And for some reason they put an elementary school desk in the middle. (they don't normally do this)

The vibrant green ferns of spring meet the golden late evening sunlight. Mattatuck State Forest, Plymouth, Connecticut. Near Lake Plymouth. June 17, 2021, 6:16 PM.

Mini at one of my in the woods.

July 23, 1983: The trail route was rather weird today. It began with a healthy climb out of the Schuylkill Valley. Then, the AT dropped back down off the ridge crest to pass by a spring located a good distance down the side of the mountain.

September sunset, Scoville Reservoir, Wolcott, Connecticut. September 18, 2021, 6:58 PM

I suddenly want an album of people on from every country in the world. Seems like, no matter where you go, someone just feels that itch.

June 25, 1983: Picking up the roadwalk under the I-81 overpass near the sprawling truck stops on US 220, I soon found myself drifting back into the to which I had grown accustomed on this journey, following rural lanes past rolling pastures, barns, silos and a few small clusters of residences.

Orange and purple spring sunset at Lost Ponds, Mattatuck State Forest, Plymouth, Connecticut. May 11, 2021, 7:57 PM.

August 23, 1983: I followed this road for a mile to an outcrop called Prospect Rock, located at the salient formed by a precipitous set of southward-facing cliffs meeting a vertical westward-facing cliff. A sweeping panoramic view of the town of Manchester, Vermont, its green valley, and the surrounding mountains detained me for fifteen minutes

Took the snake trail and cougar trail. Pretty good view at the summit today. The fog cleared off during the hike up.

Great afternoon hike on the mountain today. Decent weather and quite mild. No rain!

Cloudless October afternoon atop the Giant's Chest, Sleeping Giant State Park, Hamden, Connecticut. October 27, 2022, 4:25 PM.

May 18, 1983: This brief golden hour breakout over a grassy ridge crest carpeted with white and violet flowers was the sun's farewell to us for the next several days. The storm was coming.

The big field beneath a big sky. Mattatuck State Forest, Plymouth, Connecticut. June 11, 2021, 6:17 PM.

October 3, 1983: The beginning was remarkably easy. The path was wide, relatively rock-free, and climbed at a very gentle grade. It followed a bank of Katahdin Stream up to the base of a set of cascades, where it crossed over to the other bank. At this point, the trail became a bit steeper. Short side trails brought me to several overlooks of Katahdin Falls.

Fog condensation on .

Summer breeze at Beaver Pond, White Memorial Foundation, Morris, Connecticut. August 1, 2023, 3:29 PM.

September 8, 1983: It was mostly cloudy in Crawford Notch at 12:30 when I set out on the . A nice, stiff breeze was blowing, the air was fresh and dry, and the day was much cooler than the last few had been. As usual, that 12:30 start was considerably later than I wanted it to be.

So many colors June sunset. Scoville Reservoir, Wolcott, Connecticut. June 27, 2021, 8:42 PM.

Kachina Trail - Flagstaff, Arizona

July 14, 1983: High Rock had a takeoff platform for hang gliders and excellent views north and west of the Cumberland Valley in Pennsylvania. A glider was airborne as I arrived. I sat and watched for a few minutes and shot some pictures of the views. The stifling humidity limited visibility, but the enormous valley lay dreamlike beneath the mists.

Spring ravine. Sleeping Giant State Park, Hamden, Connecticut. May 18, 2023, 5:24 PM.

Some shots from a recent hike at Musser Gap Trail, in central PA

June 13, 1983: The Appalachian Trail was a varied and interesting experience this afternoon. The first mile followed paved state roads through the remainder of the broad farming valley bisected by the Interstate. It was a nice roadwalk. I passed scores of cows, several horses, a few pigs, and acres of pasture.